August 16, 2022
(wassuprockers) – Since Samsung got rid of the bodily house key on its handsets –

(wassuprockers) – Since Samsung got rid of the bodily house key on its handsets – long ago when the S8 introduced – the process of taking a screenshot has modified. And with a contemporary Samsung Galaxy S instrument, such because the S22 collection, chances are you’ll finally end up launching Bixby or loading the power-off display as an alternative.

So how do you are taking a screenshot for your Galaxy S21 or S22 (or, certainly, older instrument such because the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20)? There are a variety of various choices, with some Samsung additions to make it extra helpful than your moderate Android instrument. This is how.

Galaxy S21 or S22 screenshot the use of buttons

Samsung helps the traditional Android approach of taking a screenshot the use of button presses:

  1. Make certain the content material you wish to have to seize is appearing at the display.
  2. Press quantity down and the standby/continual button at the right-hand aspect on the identical time – however best in brief, now not for too lengthy.
  3. The display shall be captured, flashing and saving within the “screenshots” album/folder within the gallery.

In case you are the use of a lot older {hardware}, from the Galaxy S7 or sooner than, such units as an alternative use a mix of the standby button and the house button.

You can wish to be sure that it is a fast press of the 2 buttons – whichever instrument you possess – as a result of an extended press-and-hold will release the flexibility keep watch over display.


Galaxy S21 or S22 screenshot the use of good seize/screenshot toolbar

The following factor to learn about screenshotting on a Galaxy S collection is that good seize – which is now known as screenshot toolbar – will do an entire lot extra for you. That is one thing moderately distinctive to Samsung and allows you to straight away do issues in your screenshot, somewhat than having to head and open it up for your gallery.

  1. Make sure that the toolbar is became on in settings > complicated options > screenshots and display recorder. It’ll be on by means of default; the atmosphere is known as ‘Display toolbar after shooting’.
  2. Whilst you screenshot (the use of buttons or palm swipe, latter described beneath), you’ll be able to get further choices on the backside of the web page in a banner (as proven above). You’ll draw, crop or proportion, however probably the most helpful is scroll seize, marked by means of the arrows pointing down.
  3. Faucet scroll seize to incorporate portions of the show you’ll see, for instance on a protracted webpage – it is truly helpful.
  4. Need the unique screenshot to be delated after sharing from the toolbar? That will also be decided on from settings > complicated options > screenshots and display recorder > ‘Delete after sharing from toolbar’.
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Galaxy S21 or S22 screenshot the use of palm swipe gesture

An alternate approach that Samsung provides is one that is been to be had for a couple of generations of S collection, the use of a gesture keep watch over. That is the way to get it to paintings.

  1. Head into settings > complicated options > motions and gestures > ‘Palm swipe to seize’.
  2. With this selection toggled on, swipe the aspect of your hand around the show. You’ll swipe left or appropriate, each paintings.
  3. The display shall be captured, flashing and saving within the “screenshots” album/folder within the gallery.

Notice that if you happen to’ve mastered the button urgent and do not wish to swipe to seize, you’ll flip off palm swipe so it by no means occurs – together with by chance.

Galaxy S21 or S22 screenshot the use of good make a selection

This 3rd approach is not an entire screenshot, however it is a very helpful method of shooting knowledge that is at the show, the use of a function known as good make a selection. In case you’ve been a Notice person up to now, a few of this may sound acquainted.

Sensible make a selection is an edge panel, which you’ll swipe into from the brink display (when activated).

  1. Head into settings > show > ‘Edge panels’ and make sure that is toggled on.
  2. Click on into this menu and you’ll allow the good make a selection edge panel – make a selection ‘Panels’ then scroll appropriate to choose it. You’ll allow a couple of panel varieties, comparable to Apps too.
  3. Then head to the web page you wish to have to seize from.
  4. Open the brink panel with a swipe from the aspect of the display. This will likely take a couple of swipes when you’ve got a couple of panels enabled.
  5. Make a selection the form or form of variety you wish to have to make – rectangle, oval, pin to display or (perfect of all) create a gif by the use of ‘Animation’.
  6. You can go back to the seize web page with a body for making that variety. Resize or reposition the body and press accomplished. If making a gif, hit file, then prevent if you find yourself accomplished.
  7. You can then be proven what you may have been captured, with the choice to attract, proportion, save, and with regards to textual content, extract it so you’ll paste it in different places.
  8. If pinning an expansion, this may occasionally then have the captured variety hover over the entirety till you shut it down. It is truly helpful for info you wish to have confer with, like an deal with or reference quantity.
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Galaxy S21 Extremely or S22 Extremely screenshot the use of S Pen

For the reason that S21 Extremely introduced there may be been compatibility with the S Pen stylus, however just for the Extremely fashion within the vary. The S22 steps issues up once more by means of together with an S Pen stowed within the frame. One of the vital S Pen’s nice options is activating good make a selection comfortably, permitting you to take alternatives the use of the stylus. This is how.

  1. Eject the S Pen from the frame (S22 Extremely best) to turn on Air Command by means of default (it is a pop-up menu).
  2. Make a selection ‘good make a selection’ from this menu and, as consistent with above, create and save your variety as you select. It is a truly at hand function of the S Pen.

Writing by means of Chris Corridor and Mike Lowe. Modifying by means of Britta O’Boyle.