August 11, 2022
(wassuprockers) – Chocobo GP is a long-overdue follow-up to the often-overlooked PlayStation vintage Chocobo Racing.

(wassuprockers) – Chocobo GP is a long-overdue follow-up to the often-overlooked PlayStation vintage Chocobo Racing. If truth be told, it is been 23 years since that got here out, so you would be forgiven for no longer remembering it. This time, alternatively, Chocobo arrives on Nintendo Transfer with various similarities with the top-dog of the karting global, Mario Kart.

To be transparent: the gameplay revel in of Chocobo GP is in large part a replicate of Mario Kart, however that is no dangerous factor. All of the amusing and frustration is provide and proper, however quite than enjoying because the plumber and his compatriots, you play as characters, creatures and summons from the Ultimate Myth collection.

Whilst the vibrant graphics and adorable characters might make Chocobo GP seem like a recreation for the children, there may be various problem for even essentially the most seasoned gamer. Races are chaotic and unpredictable and the tracks are full of their very own curveballs to stay you for your ft (or talons, or no matter it can be).

Magicite fuelled mayhem

Upon first launching the sport, the menu gadget highlights ‘Chocobo GP’ mode by means of default, which is the sport’s on-line multiplayer mode. A puzzling resolution, as first of all you’ll be able to simplest have Chocobo unlocked as a playable persona.

The Tale mode is the place you’ll be able to if truth be told need to get started – as no longer simplest will it introduce you to all the mechanics of the sport, however you’ll be able to liberate the sprawling solid of characters, in addition to be told their person abilities and quirks.

With regards to the racing, it is a same old karting affair with power-ups dotted across the route and an array of traps to catch you out as you velocity alongside. The facility-ups are various and artistic, with some additionally presenting benefits to different avid gamers in case you are no longer cautious.

One power-up we discovered specifically fascinating opens up a portal to teleport you ahead within the route. It may be tremendous helpful, permitting you to skip specifically difficult sections of the route, however the twist is that the portals stay open for a time, both sending different avid gamers backwards alongside the route or giving them the similar benefit as you relying on which one they pressure into.

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Sure talents will also be stacked, too, for those who hit the best power-ups in a definite order, giving them an much more robust impact. It makes for some particularly chaotic racing, the place you by no means know what will occur across the subsequent nook.

However, now and then, the power-ups can really feel a slightly imbalanced. If you end up within the lead, you’re nonetheless in a position to pick out up the similar velocity boosts to make your lead even higher, which is one thing that does not occur such a lot in Mario Kart, and will also be very irritating if you find yourself at the fallacious aspect of it.

The core mechanics are all very acquainted and, as with maximum karting video games, Chocobo GP is predicated closely on drifting to realize velocity boosts. For essentially the most phase, this works neatly, however every so often you are going to hit a monitor with an extended immediately and in finding your self astonished at how sluggish you progress with out the boosts for your aspect.

Staying on course

The tracks are neatly designed, visually interesting and full of easter eggs to stay eagle-eyed fanatics glad. We simply want there have been extra tracks to play. There are 9 spaces in overall and every one options no less than an extended and quick variant of the monitor, however there may be no longer a variety of variation as opposed to the period.

Sq. Enix

Evaluate this to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which has 48 tracks in addition to monitor DLC at the method, it is simple to look Chocobo GP’s restricted collection more likely to get stale rather temporarily. There additionally does not appear to be as a lot intensity to tracks relating to shortcuts and hidden facets, even though it is imaginable we simply have not discovered them but.

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The Tale Mode is at the skinny aspect and took us lower than 3 hours to finish. Although that isn’t the primary draw for karting video games, it might were great to have a bit of extra substance. We are certain Ultimate Myth devotees will love seeing their favourites performing out a nonsensical Wacky Races-style plot, however for everybody else, it is basically the nonsense that shines via.

Sq. EnixChocobo GP Review: Chaotic Final Fantasy karting, kupo photo 3

Outdoor of the Tale Mode, you’ve got get right of entry to to on-line and native multiplayer, time trials, collection races and customized races. That is the place avid gamers will probably be spending maximum in their time and, fortunately, the replayability is the place Chocobo GP shines. It is a nice informal recreation to play with buddies both on-line or at the sofa and the unpredictable nature of the gameplay is certain to fire up some rivalries.

Meet the crowd

Chocobo GP does an excellent process together with all kinds of cutified characters from around the collection’ long back-catalogue. There is a explicit focal point on creatures and summons, which seem around the franchise, quite than protagonists of particular video games.

On the other hand, the ones wishing for a Cloud vs Squall showdown are in success, because the characters will probably be added as a part of the sport’s first season – it is going to price you a season go subscription even though.

The artwork genre is superb and there is a great number of ingenious cars that they race in. We specifically favored Clair’s tree hammock three-wheeler and Vivi’s whimsical dodgem.

There may be customisation aplenty, too, must you want to alternate up the colors or practice stickers in your trip. Lots of the customisation choices require unlocking by way of the in-game store the place they may be able to both be bought with Tickets, that you simply win by means of racing, or with Mythril, which you buy at the eShop.

Sq. EnixChocobo GP Review: Chaotic Final Fantasy karting, kupo photo 2

The in-game acquire issue is not one thing we are excited to look in a identify comparable to this, however we are relieved that almost all of unlocks seem to be achievable with out spending your hard earned coin.


Whilst it would possibly not have the refinement of a definite Nintendo-exclusive karting juggernaut, Chocobo GP has lots to sink your enamel into. It is a totally stress-free and chaotic racer that may stay you entertained for hours as you frustrate your mates with a plethora of distinctive and artistic power-ups.

On the other hand, we expect the asking value is at the steep aspect, particularly with so few tracks to race on. And perhaps it is an unfair comparability, as Mario Kart has this sort of historical past to attract from, but if when put next with the in a similar fashion priced Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, there may be simply nowhere close to the quantity of content material – and that makes Chocobo GP really feel like deficient worth for cash.

On the other hand, for die-hard Ultimate Myth fanatics, it is a no-brainer acquire. You’ll be able to love seeing all of your favorite characters in a wacky and playful surroundings in addition to revisiting some iconic places from the franchise. So in case you are simply on the lookout for every other kart-racer to fill the void till Mario Kart 9 comes alongside, this one’s a large number of amusing, however you may need to look ahead to a sale ahead of diving in.

Writing by means of Luke Baker. Enhancing by means of Mike Lowe.